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Save A lot of Time and Make Money Make Your Photo Images like the Pro's Over 10,000+ Graphic Photoshop Brushes. Get Hollywood Effects without Hours and Frustration!. 100% Fully Licensed and Royalty Free* over 5GB of Content Photoshop Graphic Brushes if you're a graphic designer or a photographer, Photoshop Graphic Brushes are one of the handiest time-saving tools you can have in your utility belt. Really they're like magic, allowing you to transform your photos and designs with a single click. Graphic Brushes are Perfect For Photographers CAD Designers Game Developers, Video Editors CG Arist Why are Photoshop Graphic brushes useful? Despite the term "brush," you can use brushes for much more than just replicating physical media like paints. In fact, brushes can be used for everything from textures and patterns to lighting. The ease of use and versatility of this tool make it a handy resource for both the novice and the expert designer to add depth to your projects. These are Photoshop Brushes for Photoshop. Adobe Photoshop Software is Required to use GraphicBrushes. Brush Files may also work on other Image Editing Software Like Corel, and Pixelmator For MAC OSX *Results Vary