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Automatically capture the screen when it changes. Yes, only when it changed and you can configure the sensitivity! Want to monitor or keep track of your computer usage? With ScreenLog, you can keep a log of screen captures of your computer sessions. However, unlike other apps, ScreenLog doesn't take screen captures based on a set time interval, but by the present screen's percent deviation from the last screenshot, making it much more efficient and usable. Simply make your screenshots into daily movie by our app named "picture2movie". features v2.00 - sensitivity threshold can be changed (in percent change from previous screenshot) from 10% to 100%. - sensitivity difference can be monitored in real time. - the app's screen-checking interval can be freely set between 0.1s to 60s. - app's dock icon can be hidden. - user-friendly interface and features. - OS 10.7 - OS 10.10 compatible Sandbox version. v2.00 -> v2.11 - fully re-coded 64 bit Sandbox ARC version for macOS Sierra 10.12 - updated to macOS Sierra 10.12 and still compatible to OS10.7 and above - all deprecated functions are replaced - new feature added: Ignore Screen Saver, do not save screenshot during screen saver running - performance improved: accidentally closing interface window will not terminate app - app menu and dock menu rearranged - app interface modified - change background color of all popup alerts to white - More apps by dragonBTV is simplified by displaying in App Store directly