Gym Ball Master Class

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Take a master class on the Gym Ball - an incredibly simple but totally effective piece of fitness equipment. There are so many exercises and workouts that can utilise this great ball. This app has 172 tutorial video workouts most of which can easily be carried out at home as well as the gym. Suitable for men and women alike. App features: ** Edit the video title, subtitle and keep your own set of user notes. ** Move the video around it's group and even change it's group. ** Make videos your favourites and give them your own rating ** Search by title or notes ** View by favourites or rating ** View by history the last ten played or visited videos Tutorial workouts include: Swiss Ball Exercises Upside-Down Pilates - Exercise Ball - Lesson 53 - Part 3 of 4 - HD pilates con la gym ballavi Ten Minute Workout with Fitness Ball Pilates - Esercizi con la Palla Gym Ball Flat Belly Workout SUPER TIGHT WAISTLINE Obliques Workout for Women SEXY TAPERED OBLIQUES 8 Minute Abs Workout for Women Flat Stomach in Just 8 Minutes AB Workout on a Ball -- Lean Stomach and Strong Core Girls AB Exercises on a Ball Hot Ab Workout Perfect Sexy Tight Abs Workout Perfect Hot Abs and Core Workout Perfect Swiss Ball Sexy Sculpting Workout Perfect SwissBall Total Body Workout Denise Austin Core Legs Workout 30 min Total Body Resistant Band Workout 10 MIN BEGINNER BIKINI BODY RESISTANCE BAND WORKOUT Total-Body Sculpting Resistance Band Workout for Beginners Total Body Sculpting Workout with Resistance Band Full Body Resistance Band Workout - 20 Moves to Slim You Down Tone You Up 10 Minute Real-Time Resistance Band Workout - Do It Anywhere Top 10 Resistance Band Exercises Resistance Band TrainingQuick Easy At-Home Workout RoutineSELFs Burn 100 Calories 10-Minute Resistance Band Workout Tighten Tone Your Abs with a Resistance Band How to Use Resistance Bands a Door Strap to Simulate Pull-ups Perfect Resistance Band Workout Until it Snaps Abdominal Exercises Resistance Band Exercises for Abdominal Muscles GETTIN RIPPED SHREDDED USING CALISTHENICS RESISTANCE BAND TRAINING RESISTANCE BAND WORKOUT Samantha Claytons Body Blast Herbalife Fit Tips Resistance Bands Tips Upper Body and Core Workout - by Tatiannamania STYLEmeFIT Vanna Back It 15 Min Epic ButtTiny Waist Workout jen selter before and after How to get a tiny Waist - AB Workout by Vicky Justiz Waist Workout 1 Booty Shaking weight loss programs 11mins w 11 moves Sexy Abs Big Butt Workout Fitness Workout - Amazing BUTT Workout- Super SEXy Big BOOTY Girls Home Workout P4 FitnessWorkout - Tight Stomach Toning Workout Fitness Motivation Hug a Ball get a big BUTT Workout I HangTight with MarC 11 Exercise B-Force ANKLE Band Workout TOTAL BODY CHALLENGE 20 Exercise B-Force Band Workout TOTAL BODY CHALLENGE KILLER ABS - Stability ball workout Killer 4 Min Home Abs Workout For Men And Women Simple Abdominal Workout To Get a 6 Pack Fast Big Brandon Carter A Simple Abs Exercise To Help You Get A 6 Pack Big Brandon Carter 10 Minute ab workout How To Get Ripped Fast At Home 6 Pack Workout Big Brandon Carter Functional Training Workout 18 Flat Belly Fat Burner POP HIIT How To Stretch Full Body Post Workout Stretches Get A Killer Butt Brooke Shares Her Favorite Butt Exercises - Health Fitness - ModernMom 20 STABILITY BALL EXERCISES EXTREME Exercise Ball Breakdown Workout Core Flyte for Perky Breast Muscles TRY IT 9 44 Best Beginner Bodyweight Exercises Ever Women in Warfare Workout - The Caracal Israel Coco Austins Workout World 13014 Coco Austin Workout World - MsCelebrityMAG 30 Minute Metabolism Boosting Workout DROP POUNDS FASTER How to Get Abs - 6 MINUTES AT A TIME Denise Austin Six Pack Abs No Gym No Problem Travelers Workout Guide Pilates Workout Lower Body Makeover- Denise Austin Simple Effective HOME AB WORKOUT NO GYM EQUIPMENT NEEDED Your Body is Your Gym How to do a full body workout with no equipment Full Body Workout with No Gym or Equipment BoomStick Twist and many more