HUGO Photo Max

OS X 10.11
GET YOUR HAPPY BUTTON. HUGO is always ready. Click the HUGO menu bar button (our Happy Button) and you'll instantly see your beautiful media collection. HUGO brilliantly solves the problem of not being able to see your large media collection QUICKLY and EASILY in FULL SCREEN mode. # HUGO IS FOR EVERYONE: HUGO is for everyone. Perfect for creative or graphic designers, photographers, influencers, social media gurus, and even trendy fashion moguls. HUGO provides a superior way to work, sort, score, eliminate, view, and manage your complete visual media collection - it's not just for photographs but for every kind of visual file including PNG, JPEG, TIFF, SVG, PSD, AI, PDF, videos, movies, and more. # WAIT NO MORE: If you have large images or many photos in your media collection you know that it's almost impossible to work with them because you have to constantly wait for previews to show up. With HUGO you will never wait again. HUGO manages a sophisticated balance between your master quality media items and a quick work-flow presentation. Review thousands of "proofs" in the most efficient manner. HUGO helps you find your WOW shots to quickly share on social media. HUGO NEVER COPIES, MOVES OR "IMPORTS" YOUR PHOTOS. Visit for complete product details. # ENJOY THE HUGO EXPERIENCE: See the full resources of your collection, in big beautiful sizes, with superb sorting, scoring, grouping, mapping, sequencing and - yes - even easy purging of those terrible shots.. # AI/Machine Learned Image Classification & Auto Tagging: Your images can now be automatically analysed and tagged with AI image classification. These tags are smart-searchable allowing you to find your shots faster and easier. # FIND YOUR DUPLICATE IMAGES: Clean up your media collection - HUGO automatically detects duplicate files and images. # HUGO IS BUILT FOR SPEED & PRODUCTIVITY: HUGO is built for keyboard lovers who demand speed and productivity in their daily work. We have built in single key actions for all the most common tasks such as flipping on "Sequence Bars" to allow selection by image sequences. Drag & Drop images into new collections you create on-the-fly, and send only those WOW choices to your client. Work in "Light" or "Dark" user interface themes, again changed by the tap of a single key. HUGO is perfect for the review and selection process. # HUGO PROVIDES DYNAMIC GROUPING: HUGO lets you switch how your collections are organized - on-the-fly - dynamically so you can experience your massive collection in numerous ways to gain valuable insights. HUGO's dynamic grouping allows you to view all your files in ways that make sense - not just by a date. # SUPER EASY IMAGE TAGGING WITH HUGO: Our super easy tagging feature allows single key image tagging for Delete, Keep, and WOW scoring of your work. By combining photo shoot sequences with image selection in our Gallery View you can quickly work through a whole day's shoot in a matter of minutes... and find your WOW shots. You can even see these tags in the normal folder finder. # CONTROL FILE AND CAMERA INFORMATION DISPLAY BY THE TAP OF A KEY: Quickly toggle between three levels of information details - Off, Basic, and Photographic details including Shutter Speed, F-Stop, and ISO Rating. Tap the "I" for information key to toggle between the three modes. # MAP YOUR ADVENTURES WITH HUGO: Instantly see where each photograph has been made. We use the GPS data that is (optionally) stored in your photographs to plot your photos on the world map. Click on any photo pin to see a small version of the photo directly on the map. # ENJOY FULL-SCREEN REVIEW WITH HUGO: Our product designers are highly experienced software engineers, professional photographers and even trendy fashion designers who require seeing the original master image resolution in full screen mode in order easily and quickly in order to perform their work. *HUGO does not read or integrate with the Apple Photos application.