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Step on gas and outrun your competitors. Win each race in order to be able to advance in the championship. Complete 3 racing modes - circuit, knockout and time attack. The ‘Circuit racing’ implies a large number of competitors racing in close proximity to the finish line. In the 'Knockout Race you compete against 4 or 5 other drivers and, in order to stay in the game, you need to finish every lap before at least one other competitor. Last, but not least, in the 'Time Attack' Race you’ll be all by yourself on the track but you will have to race against the best time of the other competitors. The 16-round championship is contested by the best optimised AI competitors. So, remember, in order to win the competition, you’ll have to be the fastest driver in the race. Tip: Cross the finish line first to unlock new levels! So, get this game and become the most awarded frontrunner in Hyper Cars Racing Competitions! Tip: Change your car from store to have more fun with different types of rides! FEATURES ~ Smooth controls and great game physics ~ The possibility to choose from on-screen controls (through right-left arrows) and tilting your device ~ 16 Missions to Challenge your driving and racing skills ~ 20 High performance rides to choose from ~ 3 Types of Races: Circuit, Knockout, Time-Attack ~ 3D Graphics for a lifelike racing experience ~ Realistic Racing Simulation If you like the games, make sure you stay updated with all the new games we’re launching every week: Follow us on Twitter and keep in touch: https://twitter.com/embeddedsoft