Motion Detector

OS X 10.8
Motion Detector is a light-weight surveillance tool for your mac. Motion Detector continuously monitors the surrounding of your mac using your mac’s built-in iSight webcam (or any other external webcams supported by mac). When motion is detected (or when environment sound reaches a certain level), the app can start automatic recording and/or Email notification, so you will have physical records of what has happened. To set up Motion Detector, simply point your mac’s webcam to the area you want to monitor, and start Motion Detector on the mac and leave it on. The app will start monitoring the area for you. Feature: * Motion detection using sophisticated mathematical models. * Sound detection using the mac's built-in microphone. * Automatic Email notification. * Automatic trigger video and audio recording. * Automatic trigger custom AppleScript, Unix script or Automator Workflow. * Define custom motion area such as windows or door. * Selectable movie quality from VGA to HD. * Recording playback and export. * Add memo to your recording. * Quick access from mac’s status icons. * Unobtrusive and light-weight, designed to do background recording.