Template Bundle for Keynote

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The ultimate collection of Keynote Templates - 2,246 layouts, 70 professionally designed templates. These stylish and modern layouts make it simple to create and deliver beautiful presentations of all kinds. Impress your audience and bring your ideas to life with these drag-and-drop easy to use Keynote themes. Choose from over 2,246 layouts from 70 themes. Mix and match. 100% customizable - change as much or as little as you want - with just a few clicks. Template Bundle for Keynote provides you with endless options for creating professional and engaging content. 2,246 stunning layouts 70 modern & stylish professional templates Drag-and-drop easy to use Mix and match different layouts Out-of-the-box ready to go 100% customizable *Requires Keynote. Compatible with all Keynote versions (Keynote 09 or Keynote 6.0 and above - available in the Mac App Store)