Truck Simulator Europe 2 Premium

OS X 10.6.6
Are your ready to drive realistic trucks through whole Europe in your Mac? Truck Simulator Europe 2 is the best heavy vehicle simulator ever made! After years improving the scenario and the trucks, we create the best experience of simulation for you. With more then 100 jobs to complete, choose between 13 heavy vehicles to transport a huge set of cargo across the major cities of Europe. Challenge other players online through Truck Simulator road experience dashboard! MAIN FEATURES - 13 trucks, and 20 different cargo to transport. - 133 missions and jobs to play! (and this number will increase with our updates!). - Europe map including all the major cities. - Very realistic vehicle physics. - A Artificial Intelligence for the cars on the roads. - Detailed road signs, real speed limits. - A GPS system to guide you and to warn about speed limits and traffic. - Cameras inside and outside the cockpit. - 8 Weather conditions, day & night system and date chooser. We hope you enjoy this simulator! We work very hard to give you the best experience driving heavy vehicles in a very detailed scenario and cities in Europe. Don’t forget to give us your feedback! It is very important to help us to create and improve each day this simulation. Have a nice trip!