OS X 10.7.5
Handy utility to manage in a friendly way a website through the FTP protocol (only UNIX servers, and no support for SFTP, but cfr. at the bottom ): you can upload/download files, change their name etc. Main features: • Uploading and downloading of queued files and folders (i.e. directories). • Resuming of interrupted uploads/downloads. • Creation of desktop-links to specific addresses (i.e. double-clicking an address opens the specified directory of the website). • Interface customizable (single/double paned window, as shown in the two screen-shots). There are several FTP functions that WebsiteManager does not support, such as: to view a text file and to modify its content is not available; mirroring and executing user’s command-lines too are not available. NB: Although the FTP protocol --in itself-- is not security-aware, nevertheless nowadays web-hosts, in the presence of the FTP protocol, automatically switch to ‘PURE-FTPd’, which is considered a highly security-aware protocol. Before buying the app, you could make sure that your web-host too supports PURE-FTPd; and then make your decision.